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Sounds like Joe Biden just gave up the Dems' game on skyrocketing gas prices once and for all [video]

In case you missed it, Americans have an average of $9000 less in savings than they did in 2021.


More from CNBC:

“There could be several factors contributing to the drop in savings from last year, ranging from spiking inflation to people spending more as they resume some sense of normalcy in their lives,” Northwestern Mutual chief customer officer Christian Mitchell said in a press release.

Despite the impact that the pandemic had on respondents’ finances, 48% said they have been able to adapt to their new circumstances. Nearly three-quarters say that they have also adopted better financial habits because of it.

Among the healthy money habits that respondents picked up are spending less money on living costs, tackling debt and increasing investments. In fact, 17% of respondents said they now regularly revisit their financial plans, while 14% said they have increased their savings and retirement contributions.

That’s a pretty slick way to positively spin people having less money and not being able to afford the things they used to be able to afford. Like gas, for example. Why, this is spin worthy of the Biden administration! Not being able to afford gas is a sign not just of economic progress, but of progress on the war on climate change!

Take it from President Joe Biden himself:


The Biden administration is going through a pretty incredible transition in their own right:

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

He did fix it. He fixed it by making it more expensive.

Now there won’t be any more climate change because if you can’t afford gas, you can’t drive your car. You can’t afford an electric vehicle, of course, but hey, walking is free! So you can always do that.

That’s definitely what it sounds like.


The Biden administration seems to be counting on struggling Americans to be so captivated by euphemisms that we’ll actually embrace having no money.

Here’s the thing, though:


Nope. We’re not.

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