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AOC claims that the notion that abortion is 'harming a life' is just something toxic 'fundamentalist Christians' made up [video]

The moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decides to stop being the worst, we’ll be sure to let you know. For planning purposes, though, you can just go ahead and assume that it’s not going to happen for a long, long time.


Here she is explaining why abortion doesn’t ackshually end a human life:

Who knew that she wasn’t just an econ major, but a religious studies major as well?

You know exactly what that is.

If only her shout-out to her white supremacist peeps were the most offensive about that little rant.

It’s pretty insulting to suggest that the pro-life position is a product of “fundamentalist Christians,” not to mention egregiously dishonest and wrong. And Judaism isn’t pro-abortion like AOC claims.


Since when does an antisemite like AOC care what Jews think, anyway?

There are Jewish pro-lifers, Muslim pro-lifers, Hindu pro-lifers, atheist and agnostic pro-lifers … for AOC to suggest that it’s some kind of religious or moral defect to believe in the humanity of the unborn is just so twisted and horrible.

Abortion is absolutely about harming a life. It’s about harming more than one life, actually.

“Demonic” and “evil” are both apt descriptions for what we’ve just watched.


They’re just laying it all out there on the table.

AOC recently got engaged. If the old schoolyard rhyme is true, and after marriage comes the baby in the baby carriage, pray for that baby.

Pray for AOC while you’re at it.

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