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Stephen Gutowski calls out Gail Collins (and other lazy MSMers) over yet another 'uninformed, incoherent New York Times op-ed on guns'

It’s like clockwork: a mass shooting occurs, and gun control advocates waste absolutely no time using it as yet more evidence that we need to ban civilian gun ownership in this country.


This is what’s been happening in the wake of the Buffalo massacre. Basically, the Left has two arguments: (1) that right-wing violence in America is out of control (never mind that the shooter is a self-described far-leftist socialist eco-fascist) and (2) that the only way to stop all this right-wing violence is to rip up the Second Amendment.

And speaking of big and powerful newsrooms full of people who who generally have no idea what they’re talking about, the New York Times published an opinion piece yesterday by Gail Collins in which she attempted to make the case to “get rid of the guns”:


And why should a ban on semiautomatics get through the current Senate? Or any Senate?

Maybe we should try to ban self-righteous New York Times columnists like Gail Collins from opining on matters about which they know absolutely nothing.

If the New York Times were actually genuinely interested in debating the issue of gun violence and the merits of gun ownership, they’d invite someone like Stephen Gutowski to grace their opinion page. Because unlike Gail Collins and the New York Times, Stephen Gutowski actually knows what he’s talking about, most notably with regard to guns.

And, as a firearms expert and founder of, Gutowski has some thoughts on Collins’ piece:


All those opinion pieces do seem to blend together after a while.

Effort? From the mainstream media? Please.

Tiresome gun control proponents like Gail Collins should try doing a little research before they go shooting their mouths off.


If it’s emotionally charged arguments against guns you’re looking for, then by all means, turn to the New York Times.

But if it’s information and ideas backed up by actual facts that you want, stick with Gutowski and The Reload.



Stephen Gutowski wants to know why Twitter had content warnings on links to all articles at The Reload

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