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Self-satisfied blue-checked CNN/MSNBC commentator feels vindicated on his Kyle Rittenhouse opinion thanks to Buffalo shooting

We missed this from this past Saturday, but it’s still freshly stupid enough to merit a post today.

Following the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, media and liberals (but we repeat ourselves) were tripping all over themselves to pin the shooter’s professed racist motivations on Republicans and conservatives. That’s what Tristan Snell, founder and managing partner at Main Street Law — and CNN/MSNBC commentator — was doing. He just found a more interesting way to do it:


Ah, yes. Kyle Rittenhouse, that other self-described “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist.”

Did you? Well, then, congratulations. Because you, too, have no idea what the heck you’re talking about.

Technically it was Saturday’s epic non sequitur, but your point still stands.

Snell may very well know they’re completely different cases; he just doesn’t care. He may also have no idea they’re different, in which case he’s just a toxic idiot.

Either way, he’s very clearly a self-righteous dipstick who’s weirdly desperate to establish a link between the Buffalo shooter and millions of people whose politics he disagrees with.

Apples and oranges, Tristan.


They’re really not.

And the fact that Tristan Snell either has to willfully misrepresent the Rittenhouse case or he just doesn’t understand it at all ultimately means just one thing: no one should be listening to him about anything.

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