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Fed-up Jeff Bezos fires back at the WH after Biden admin comes after him for calling out their disastrous economic policies

Uh-oh, Joe Biden … you may have gone too far this time.

Jeff Bezos isn’t exactly known for a being a flaming right-winger, but recently, he’s shared some rather critical opinions regarding the Biden administration’s economic policies:



Double ouch.

Needless to say, Bezos’ speaking out of turn has evidently landed him on the White House’s insubordination radar:


It also doesn’t require a huge leap to figure out why Jeff Bezos might be really, really irritated right now:

We can’t think of too many times we’ve said this, but good for Jeff Bezos. Inflation is absolutely, as Bezos pointed out above, effectively a regressive tax that hurts the poor the most. And it’s a direct result of the Biden administration’s heinous economic policies. It’s so transparently obvious that the Biden administration, despite vowing during the presidential campaign to put an end to buck passing, refuses to take any accountability for their disastrous decisions and whose solution to the problem is to double, triple, and quadruple down on the disastrous decisions.

Jeff Bezos may be an “out-of-touch” bazillionaire, but he’s far more tuned into the havoc the Biden administration has wrought and continues to wreak on our economy than the genuinely out-of-touch members of the administration who think we’re all too stupid to understand or care why all of this is happening.


We’re not quite at the point where we can say that the Biden administration has red-pilled Jeff Bezos, but we’re definitely here for whatever this is.


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