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'It was Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problem': Lufthansa clerk defends booting all visibly Jewish passengers from flight [videos]

“Never Again” apparently came with an expiration date, because antisemitism is back in style, baby, and it shows no signs of letting up.


More from DansDeals:

On Wednesday, I heard about an incident on Lufthansa flight 401, a Boeing 747-8 that flew from JFK to Frankfurt, that was almost too hard to believe. Allegedly, Lufthansa refused to allow any of the Jews from that flight onto their connecting flight to Budapest, while non-Jews were free to continue on their journeys. Two dozen armed police officers ensured that no Jews boarded the flight or caused issues at the gate.

I set out to investigate and spoke to more than a dozen passengers onboard that flight. Most agreed to speak on the record, though some said they needed anonymity. I also requested comment from Lufthansa.

After days of interviews with passengers, it does appear that nearly all visibly Jewish passengers were lumped together for collective punishment, as Lufthansa didn’t bother to identify the small number of mask offenders onboard the flight.

Read the whole thing. It’s legitimately insane.

And then watch the video footage — if you can stomach it.

Our jaws are on the floor:


How on earth is this real life?!

Our sentiment exactly.

That scenario was notably brought up in the video. And what we’ve learned is that according to Lufthansa policy, apparently, the Jews are special. And not in a good way.

It’s bullsh*t, is what it is.


We’re living in the Upside-Down.

As of yesterday, this was all Lufthansa had to say on the matter:

Some statement.

Boycotts have become pretty meaningless in modern times, but something needs to happen here.

OK, so at least someone cares.

No thanks to YouTube or Instagram, unfortunately:


Apparently some people out there are hoping that Twitter takes a cue from YouTube and Instagram:

We sincerely hope that Twitter doesn’t buckle to pressure from antisemites.


That’s a rhetorical question. We already know the answer.

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