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John Hayward takes comprehensive — and extremely valuable — look at Dems' 'big mistake' in going all in on pro-abort 'thuggery'

In case you missed it, yesterday, Twitchy fixture and master threader John Hayward had a great thread on the pro-abort panic over Roe v. Wade possibly becoming a historical footnote.


Be sure and give that one a read.

And then come back for today’s offering, which serves as an excellent follow-up:

The Dem Party has no concerns about what concerns ordinary Americans.

Another in a long series of big mistakes. And it won’t be the last big mistake they make, because they’re notorious for never learning lessons from past ones.


Contra Joe Biden, it’s not the “MAGA crowd” who’s the most extreme force in American history or even in modern American politics.



That’s a very important point. Pro-aborts love to cite The Science™ to support their position, but the irony is that scientific advancements only undermine their arguments.


Hear, hear!

Here’s hoping. Lord knows the Democrats have had it coming for long enough.

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