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David Hogg deletes series of problematic tweets and apologizes for letting his 'cis man' privilege get the best of him

Apparently last night was a pretty rough one for David Hogg. We have no idea what he actually tweeted, but based on these tweets, we assume that the deleted material was chock-full of David sounding off without being considerate enough to check his privilege first:


For those concerned, it didn’t take him very long to go back to taking up space on our timelines. Poor guy can’t help but take up space. It’s kind of his thing.

Anyway, now that David Hogg has waded into the fray, we feel like we have to talk about him. So here we are.

Nope, sorry. David Hogg has committed himself fully to embracing woke ideology. There’s no turning back now, even if that means he has to find new ways to degrade himself in the public sphere.

And, as we all know, men cannot have opinions about issues like abortion. At least in the World of the Woke.


It’s true, David: you’re just as entitled to your opinion as anyone else.

Hey, it takes a real man to apologize for being a real man.

The apology is certainly a nice gesture … but is it enough? Alas, we say no. If David Hogg wants to demonstrate that he is really and truly sorry for overstepping his bounds, there’s really only one act that will convince us he’s sincere:

It’s the only way to be sure that something like this never happens again.



You guys wouldn’t believe ‘the number of obvious honey pot DMs’ David Hogg gets from people who underestimate his intelligence

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