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HuffPost does their part to stir up outrage over Chris Pratt's faith and 'rumored political affiliation'

James Gunn and Chris Pratt have been pretty hot topics of conversation lately, thanks to “Guardians of the Galaxy” director Gunn coming to Pratt’s defense over the latest episode in a series of the Outrage Mob coming for Pratt. Much like cicadas, the Outrage Mob returns periodically and predictably to call for Pratt’s head on a platter over his — gasp! — faith and — double gasp! — suspected conservative politics.


In this particular case, HuffPost seems only too happy to help carry all those torches and pitchforks:


“Over his rumored political affiliation.” We’d ask what the hell HuffPost means by that, but it’s pretty obvious.

He failed to be a Hollywood evangelist for leftism, which is unacceptable in HuffPost’s eyes. It’s practically criminal to them.

No kidding.


It’s really effing creepy how badly some lefties — and lefty journos, who should for sure know better — are gunning for Chris Pratt. They’ll literally stop at nothing to defame him and get him blacklisted, despite the fact that the one thing he’s notorious for is being a genuinely good dude, not just in Hollywood, but in general.

That’s what HuffPost regrets? Referring to the actor formerly known as Ellen Page by Ellen Page? That, but not feeding into the baseless narrative that Chris Pratt is some right-wing nutjob bigot?

HuffPost isn’t just imagining it … they’re straight-up fantasizing about it. They’d love nothing more than to see Chris Pratt run out on a rail over his private beliefs that he’s never tried to impose on anyone else.


If anyone should be blacklisted, it’s garbage rags like HuffPost, who have absolutely nothing positive to contribute to society. It’s not as if anyone worth a damn would miss them.



Outrage Mob comes for Chris Pratt over his Christian faith and private politics — and then for his Avengers costars for defending him

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