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Nikole Hannah-Jones calls out writer Wesley Yang and Washington Free Beacon's 'standards for research' and promptly bursts into flames

Every once in a while, you come across a take that’s so piping-hot, even days later, you still need layers of oven mitts just to get anywhere near it. This is one of those times.


Let’s set the stage …

Last week, writer Wesley Yang shared a report from the Washington Free Beacon about the media’s rather curious habit of leaving out the race of murderers — if those murderers happen to be, well, not white. Even when those murderers are very explicit about their racist motivations.

Well, that set Nikole Hannah-Jones’ “That’s Racist!” senses all a-tingle:

And then, this happened:


And then, we all died. RIP us.

OK, satire is dead, too. We’re dead and satire is dead.

There’s more to the conversation, of course (in which Yang cleans Hannah-Jones’ clock). But here’s the next tweet, just as a taste:

“At least you’re being explicit with your anti-Blackness.”

At least Nikole Hannah-Jones is being explicit with her anti-intelligence. And anti-self-awareness. Holy hell, it’s like she’s lived with herself all her life and never really gotten to know herself.

“So you have no standards for research whatsoever as long as it affirms your world view.” That right there is Nikole Hannah-Jones in a nutshell.


Nikole Hannah-Jones won a got-dang Pulitzer Prize for having no standards for research whatsoever as long as it affirmed her world view.

This is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen.

Hang it right next to this one:

We never thought Nikole Hannah-Jones was capable of bringing joy into our lives, but we stand corrected.

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