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Chloé S. Valdary may be putting a little too much stock in Disney's 'sacred role in our society'

Chloé S. Valdary has some good ideas when it comes to critical theory. In short, she’s not a big fan of that sort of thing. So she’s sought to develop a better approach to dealing with race issues and inclusion. And Lord knows we need a less toxic alternative to “antiracism” in the form in which it exists now.


Unfortunately, when it comes to some cultural concerns, Valdary is still wrong about some things. Like about Disney’s role in our culture, for example. Disney’s decision to wade into the culture wars by embracing wokeness was a bad one any way you slice it. And they’re paying for it with a significant backlash from people who happen to believe that Disney is there to entertain as oppose to preach.

But Valdary is insistent that Disney is a necessity in our society:

“A holy task”? That seems a little lofty, considering that Disney’s only real task in Disney’s mind is to make a lot of money. They’re not motivated by any real sense of social responsibility (which is what makes their foray into the Parental Rights in Education law debate especially ridiculous).


We shouldn’t be looking to Disney — or any company — for moral guidance.

We would certainly urge Valdary to think more deeply about this in the coming weeks. Hopefully she’ll come to realize that she was wrong about all this.


Valdary can’t seriously expect Disney to make morals a priority when their own sense of morality is so screwed up.

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