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Yale student asks Michael Knowles and Ted Cruz if they'd be willing to perform a sex act to 'end global hunger,' Knowles and Cruz respond [video]

Yale has been a prestigious institution of higher learning for several hundred of years. Being admitted to Yale can ultimately open all kinds of doors.

It can also make other people want to slam doors shut on their own heads.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Evan, a Yale student who had the opportunity to ask conservative commentator Michael Knowles and GOP Sen. Ted Cruz a really thoughtful question and instead decided to do this:

Great use of everyone’s time, Evan!

Because lefty activist students are obnoxious AF and don’t care about reality or about being informed.

Sen. Cruz didn’t directly answer the question because it was an incredibly stupid one. He did ask Evan a question, though, and we’d love to hear Evan’s answer to “If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?” Shame the video cuts off after that.


Hey, maybe next time. Let’s just say we wouldn’t be remotely shocked for another lefty student to make a complete ass of himself by asking Cruz a similar question given the opportunity.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s what Cruz had to say about it this morning:

And scene.

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