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WaPo's crackerjack team of investigators has caught onto Hunter Biden's laptop, as if they've been working on it from the get-go

The Washington Post’s new scoop on Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop isn’t just breaking; it’s positively earth-shattering.


What??? This is nuts, you guys. Our jaws are literally on the floor right now:

Biden aides and some former U.S. intelligence officials have voiced concern that the device may have been manipulated by Russia to interfere in the campaign. On Capitol Hill, Democrats have dismissed earlier reports about Hunter Biden’s work in China as lacking credibility or being part of a Russian disinformation campaign. The Post analysis included forensic work by two outside experts who assessed the authenticity of numerous emails related to the CEFC matter. In addition, The Post found that financial documents on the copy of Hunter Biden’s purported laptop match documents and information found in other records, including newly disclosed bank documents obtained by Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, a senior Republican on the Senate Finance and Judiciary committees.

The potential energy projects Hunter Biden discussed with CEFC never came to fruition.

Nonetheless, accounts linked to Hunter Biden received at least $3.79 million in payments from CEFC through consulting contracts, according to bank records and joint agreements reviewed by The Post.

Clearly the Washington Post put a lot of time and energy into their investigation if it took them this long to do it.


More from the Washington Post:

The contents of Biden’s laptop computer have sparked debate and controversy since the New York Post and other news organizations in the closing month of the 2020 presidential campaign reported stories based on data purportedly taken from it.

Many Republicans have portrayed this data as offering evidence of misbehavior by Hunter Biden that implicated his father in scandal, while Democrats have dismissed it as probable disinformation, perhaps pushed by Russian operatives acting in a well-documented effort to undermine Biden. Facebook and Twitter in 2020 restricted distribution of stories about the drive’s contents out of concern that the revelations might have resulted from a nefarious hacking campaign intended to upend the election, much as Russian hacks of sensitive Democratic Party emails shaped the trajectory of the 2016 election.

The Washington Post’s forensic findings are unlikely to resolve that debate, offering instead only the limited revelation that some of the data on the portable drive appears to be authentic. The security experts who examined the data for The Post struggled to reach definitive conclusions about the contents as a whole, including whether all of it originated from a single computer or could have been assembled from files from multiple computers and put on the portable drive.


“The Washington Post’s forensic findings” could help to resolve the debate if the Washington Post wanted, but then the Washington Post would have to do a hardcore mea culpa and admit that, while Republicans were pouncing on the Hunter Biden laptop story, WaPo was pouncing on Republicans.

It’s almost cute how the Washington Post is trying to make it seem like they’ve always been interested in getting to the bottom of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


As a matter of fact, they did. But if you look to the MSM for information, you probably missed it, because they tried to bury the Daily Caller’s work:

And it wasn’t just the New York Post and Daily Caller who were on this.

That was the only place to read about it.

Don’t expect any retractions.

Once Joe Biden was safely in the White House and an appropriate amount of time had passed, the New York Times felt comfortable enough to report that the fake news about Hunter Biden’s laptop was actually true. And once the New York Times is comfortable enough, then the Washington Post knows they’ve got the green light to go ahead, too.



All the MSMS’s screeching about “CoLLusIoN” would appear to have been nothing more than classic projection.

Anyway, something to think about as the dam continues to break:


Stay tuned …

Editor’s note: The headline of this post has been amended to correct a typo.



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