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ABC News contributor thinks Josh Hawley 'has met his match' in Ketanji Brown Jackson 'and we should all prepare for his funeral tomorrow'

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley has been ruffling a great deal of Democratic feathers with his focus on and questions about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record, which is something that seems like it should be pretty relevant during Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Because, well, this is the Supreme Court we’re talking about, and it’s generally a good idea to know what the nominee has done so far.


Well, Democracy for Action CEO and ABC News contributor Yvette Brown is pleased to see that Judge Jackson is taking Hawley’s rudeness and lack of decorum in stride:

We went ahead and grabbed a screenshot, for no reason in particular:

Black Lives Matter retweeted Simpson’s tweet, just for the record:

OK, cool.

If we imagine a Hawley backer tweeting about Judge Jackson’s “funeral,” then we have to imagine that said Hawley backer’s Twitter account would be gone or at least under temporary suspension. Violent rhetoric, you know.

Simpson seems to think that Jeryl Bier is making a big deal out of a nothingburger:


Context does matter. But Bier understands that, having pointed out that Simpson’s funeral remark is “clearly a metaphor” and isn’t suggesting that she’s actually wishing death on Josh Hawley. Bier is merely pointing out that a Republican tweeting something similar to what Brown tweeted would not likely be able to do so without getting piled on by angry lefties, who wouldn’t necessarily be willing to give that Republican the benefit of the doubt when it comes to “urban vernacular.”

As we were saying:


So, according to Yvette Simpson, if a liberal or Democrat tweets about anxiously awaiting a conservative’s or Republican’s “funeral,” it’s cool because they’re just joking and using “urban vernacular,” but if a conservative or Republican jokes about a liberal’s or Democrat’s “funeral,” we need to take that seriously as a threat because QAnon white supremacist insurrectionists.

We don’t have a problem with obvious jokes, but we won’t pretend that it wouldn’t be nice if we could have one set of standards for everybody.

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