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Joe Biden '[bets] everybody knows somebody' who's been a 'naked friend' in a blackmail photo (or who's done the photography, maybe?) [video]

Ukraine and the world’s eyes are on Joe Biden right now. Will our president answer Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call to step up and be the leader of the world, “the leader of peace”? That would certainly be nice.


But before Biden can turn his attention to Eastern Europe, he has to focus on the issues we face here at home in America:

We have to assume he’s talking about revenge porn. Which is indeed a bad thing. And laws that protect victims and would-be victims of revenge pornographers seem like a good thing.

But as far as everybody knowing somebody who got photographed in a compromising position by a friend and wound up getting blackmailed (or everybody knowing somebody who took a photo of a naked friend for blackmail purposes) is concerned … we’re gonna have to stop him right there. Maybe we’ve been hanging out with the wrong people, but, um … hmmm.


Oof. OK, yeah, that might be where this is coming from …

We’re uncomfortable. Is anyone else uncomfortable?

That’s totally fine. Neither have we.

Let’s hope it’s not as widespread as Joe Biden apparently thinks it is.

We sincerely hope not.

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