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It's all but disappeared from the news since Trump left office, but the border crisis shows 'no sign of slowing down' (in fact, it's getting worse)

In terms of domestic issues, it seems like most Americans are pretty focused on the economy. It’s Joe Biden’s disastrous leadership that’s resulted in supply chain issues, high gas prices, and rapid inflation, which has in turn resulted in a pretty ominous forecast for Biden and for the Democratic Party in the midterms.


But while the economy definitely belongs at the front of people’s minds, it’s important not to forget the other domestic policy areas in which the Biden administration has failed so spectacularly.

Like, say, America’s illegal immigration policies. The issues at our southern border have not improved; they’ve only continued to get much, much worse:

U.S. border agents encountered 164,973 migrants at the southern border in February, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data released on Tuesday.

The number marked an over 60 percent increase from February 2021, which saw 101,099 encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Biden administration struggled last year to stem a record-breaking number of migrants crossing the southern border. Over 150,000 migrants were encountered at the southern border in each month of the current 2022 fiscal year.

These figures are horrendous. And they still don’t reveal the full scope of the illegal immigration problem:

Plenty of signs of speeding up, though.


Where are AOC and her entourage? Where’s the outcry from liberal celebrities disgusted that the U.S. government is running a system of concentration camps along our border and fostering an environment rife with unaccompanied children?

What a (D)ifference a (D) makes, huh?

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