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Dolly Parton graciously declines Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination, thereby continuing to be way too good for this world

Country music could make you make you want to dance and sing. Or it could make you want to drive your own head through a wall or hurl yourself off the edge of a cliff. Or it could make you feel any way in between.

In the end, what matters is that country music sweetheart Dolly Parton is a bona fide American treasure whose appeal transcends musical genres because she’s just so gosh-darn wonderful.

In February 2021, she politely asked the Tennessee legislature to table a bill that would have had a statue of her erected and placed on the Capitol grounds:

To call her nothing short of absolutely lovely would still be a gross understatement. Dolly Parton is an honest-to-goodness gem.

Declining to be memorialized with a statue says a great deal about her character and the kind of woman she is. As does declining the invitation to be nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

We’re being 100% genuine when we ask this: How can anyone not like her?

You love to see it — and you wish you saw more like it from other people.

She’s definitely too good for this world. But this world needs her, and we’re going to hang onto her and protect her for as long as is humanly possible.

She’d never agree to it. But we can dream.

Pretty sure that’s in the Bible somewhere. It’s at least in the Constitution.

Don’t worry, Dave. We’re going to do our best to protect you, too.


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