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Dean Obeidallah says 'the GOP's definition of 'freedom'' includes things like firing teachers who say 'gay' or teach black history

When he’s not hosting a progressive show on Sirius/XM Radio, Dean Obeidallah is a professional comedian. And when he’s not a professional comedian … you know, come to think of it, he really isn’t a professional comedian at all. Maybe an unprofessional one, if we’re being generous. But we’re being really generous.


If we’re being honest, Dean’s really just the worst kind of a comedian: a bad comedian who thinks he’s a good comedian. Dean’s the kind of comedian who thinks he knows when it’s time to take the clown nose off and be serious and say serious things but when he tries to say serious things, he just looks unserious. It’s sad. And comedy’s not supposed to be sad!

Anyway, we say all of this because it’s really important to know what Dean Obeidallah goes out there and gets paid to do despite being pretty terrible at his job. He’s paid to be funny and to understand things, and he ultimately isn’t capable of either task. Check out this tweet of his on the Republican Party and their definition of “freedom”:

We have to assume that Dean was going for profundity and devastating brilliance, but the poor fella missed the mark. As he is wont to do.


Last time we checked, the GOP didn’t define “freedom” as forcing women to carry and give birth the their rapists’ babies. The GOP didn’t define “freedom” as firing teachers who use the word “gay” in school or teach black history. And members of the right-wing lunatic fringe who insist that the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump and supported the January 6 riots at the Capitol certainly don’t speak for the mainstream GOP. And, well, the dictator stuff is just silly. Dean is just silly. Too bad that’s not the same as being funny.

Someone get poor Dean a dictionary.



Dean Obeidallah has proof that Gov. Ron DeSantis wants another January 6 and he wants it to succeed

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