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People of Florida, please join Nikki Fried in imagining how your lives will improve 'when we pull off another win'

Yesterday, Nikki Fried explained to Florida voters why they should give Ron DeSantis the boot and install her as governor instead. Well, that’s not exactly what she did … it was more like she just tweeted out some words in the hopes that they’d make sense:

We still hadn’t figured out exactly what Florida Republicans are attacking and what freedoms they’re taking away when she tweeted this out this morning:

OK, so her tweet about Florida Republicans yesterday was dumb, but “Imagine how much better Florida will be when we pull off another win”? Did they pull off a win to begin with? We must’ve missed it. Either that, or homegirl has officially crossed into full-on delusional territory.

Among other things. Fortunately for Florida, Nikki Fried won’t actually have a chance to put her big, bold plans into practice.

And a whole lotta hard liquor.

What an honor, indeed!

We’re not suggesting that Ron DeSantis get complacent, of course. But if we were him, we’d be feeling pretty good about our chances considering that the opposition consists of Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist.



Charlie Crist hopes he’s come up with *the* phrase that will lead him to victory over Ron DeSantis


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