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Alive and vaccinated Sen. Bernie Sanders reminds Stephen Colbert that Americans can all unite under the banner of hating drug companies [video]

Bernie Sanders is known for a being an extremely polarizing political figure. But that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of having the occasional “Kumbaya” moment.


Here he is on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, talking about something that all Americans, from all walks of life, have in common:

Hey, yeah! That’s tru— wait, what? We all hate the drug companies? We must’ve missed that memo.

He can’t have been on the same one we’re on, surely.

Yeah, you know, now that we think about it, we’re getting major ungrateful-bastard vibes from Bernie.

You know, Bernie, it’s OK to turn the anti-capitalism knob below 11 sometimes.


Move over, Abe Simpson. Bernie Sanders is our 21st-century old man yelling at cloud.


Guess we have no choice but to conclude that Bernie Sanders is the perfect specimen of health and doesn’t need medications or vaccines even at 150 years old. How else would he be in a  position to hate the drug companies that develop and innovate drugs that millions of other people his age count on?

How does Bernie Sanders stay in such tip-top shape without any help from pharmaceutical companies?

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