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CNN's Kasie Hunt suggests that House Republicans are 'the real enemy' for gently pointing out that Joe Biden is an abject foreign policy failure

As we told you earlier, the House Republicans’ Twitter account took a relatively mild swipe at Joe Biden’s brand of foreign policy.


Bill Kristol and other Principled Conservatives took @HouseGOP to task for their rudeness.

And if the Principled Conservative crowd is upset, you can imagine how pissed off the Real News Mr. President people are.

Here’s CNN’s Kasie Hunt, for example:

Kasie Hunt’s got her priorities exactly where she wants them.

“Who is the enemy, exactly?”

It sounds like Kasie is suggesting that the House GOP is the enemy. Which doesn’t sound like something an objective journalist would say. In fact, it sounds like something someone trying to live up to the “Enemy of the People” label would say.


Or it would be stunning if we’d only just emerged from underneath a rock.

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