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It only took CNN's Chris Cillizza ten years to realize that 'Mitt Romney was right about Russia'

It only took him ten years, but CNN’s Chris Cillizza has caught up to reality:



The very same!

More from Cillizza:

But today, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into eastern Ukraine, Romney’s comments look very, very different. And by “different,” I mean “right,” as even some Democrats are now acknowledging.

“This action by Putin further confirms that Mitt Romney was right when he called Russia the number one geopolitical foe,” California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu said on CNN Monday night.

What looked like a major flub during the 2012 campaign — and was used as a political cudgel by Obama — now looks very, very different. It should serve as a reminder that history is not written in the moment — and that what something looks like in that moment is not a guarantee of what it will always look like.

It was used as a political cudgel by Obama … with a ton of help from the media, including CNN.



Mitt Romney understood that history is not written in the moment. If CNN or Chris Cillizza understood it, too, well, they did a great job pretending they didn’t.

Well, better late than never.

Best we can muster is a golf clap. A half-assed golf clap.

See what he did there, Chris?


That’s how it’s always supposed to work.


We wouldn’t accept it, that’s for damn sure.

We can’t speak for Romney, however. But we know what we’d like him to say:

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