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'Now Putin is just mocking us': Twitchy fixture @MidnightMitch's recent work of art perfectly encapsulates Joe Biden's Russia policy [pic]

Recall that earlier this week, President Tough-on-Russia Joe Biden low-key gave Vladimir Putin the go-ahead to invade Ukraine.


Just “a minor incursion.” Nothing to fuss over.

Needless to say, as pissed off — rightly, we might add — as Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is with the Biden administration, Russian President Vladimir Putin has got to be doing cartwheels with delight. As soft as Donald Trump was accused of being on Russia, Putin didn’t dare try this stuff while Trump was in the White House. But now that paper tiger Barack Obama’s former VP is in charge, Vlad sees Ukraine as his for the taking.

And if it were up to him, the rest of the world would see it that way, too:

Prison Mitch is a regular at Twitchy and his photoshops have effectively reached “legendary” status. That one right there is no exception.


It might as well be.

The best jokes contain at least a kernel of truth. This one contains a whole damn jar.

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