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Luke Rosiak's new book on public ed features blood-curdling story of woke Seattle Public Schools official who endangered tens of thousands of kids (including her own)

Public school parents who still aren’t sure if it’s worth risking being labeled terrorists in order to fight for their kids … let this story convince you that it’s definitely worth it:


The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak has a new book about the rot in America’s public school system:

Rosiak’s book features the story of Tracy Castro-Gill, erstwhile director of ethnic studies for Seattle Public Schools.

“Very badly” is an understatement.



Here’s how Rosiak’s piece concludes:

Castro-Gill’s methods have cowed the educational establishment from wealthy purple hamlets to military towns and the rural Midwest. Almost every large school system — most of them suburban — has created a high-ranking “equity” czar position. Across the country, more and more Tracy Castro-Gills are creating lasting damage in the areas they are being hired to fix.

As for Tracy Castro-Gill herself? After being removed from her job for misconduct, she began offering professional development training, at costs ranging up to $70,000, through her nonprofit. Within a few months, she had contracts with 12 area schools. In March 2021, the Washington State Board of Education voted unanimously to require its own members and staff to take eighteen hours of training from Castro-Gill, with the intent of making ethnic studies a required course statewide.


Tracy Castro-Gill is dangerous. She’s a legitimate danger to children and to families. How many more monsters like her is she working to create?

It seems clear that parents can’t trust the public education system to look out for their children. That means it’s up to parents to save their kids.

We’re ready.



‘Absolutely horrific’: Luke Rosiak’s latest on LCPS sexual assault scandal suggests that the coverup goes far deeper than we could’ve imagined

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