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Unity: Sen. Rand Paul is pleased to announce that 'Dr. Fauci and I finally agreed on something in our Senate hearing today' [pic]

Republican Sen. Rand Paul carefully but completely ate Dr. Anthony Fauci for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.

This was despite Dr. Fauci’s efforts to paint Sen. Paul as some sort of Svengali who, through his “Fire Dr. Fauci” campaign on his website, can convince aspiring murderers out there to threaten to kill Fauci. Fauci wisely brought printouts with him as evidence of Paul’s nefariousness, which made people take Fauci even more seriously than they already do.


Fauci of course meant to demonstrate that Paul irrationally despises him and wants him dead. That’s not really how Fauci’s printout strategy wound up coming off, but for what it’s worth, the printouts ended up being the key to bringing him and Paul together:

Just a lovely little “Kumbaya” moment. They’re so rare in our modern political discourse!


If Sen. Paul is looking to replace his old “Fire Dr. Fauci” art on his website, the above image would be perfect.

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