Dr. Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci testified today on Capitol Hill. While the two good doctors couldn’t seem to agree on a one-size-fits-all indoor masking policy, it’s likely that they both share a fear of GOP Sen. Rand Paul.

Especially Dr. Fauci. Forget COVID; it’s Rand Paul who truly terrifies Dr. Fauci. And every time they meet, Fauci’s desperation mounts.

Today, it’s threatening to boil over.

Are “Fire Fauci” printouts supposed to make Sen. Paul look bad? Because if so, it’s not working.

At all. But we’ll get back to the printouts in a bit.

Because said bureaucrat doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he knows it.

Rand Paul certainly knows it.

Yep. And that scares the bejeezus out of Fauci.

But wait! There’s more:


So in addition to suggesting that Rand Paul is to blame for a nutjob’s death threat, Fauci’s also setting himself up to get absolutely throttled by the public, too.

Talk about an unforced error. Anthony Fauci has a lot of those.

It’s pretty gross to watch Dr. Fauci try to portray himself as the ultimate victim of the COVID pandemic. Particularly when his ideas and policies have demonstrably exacerbated the pandemic in the United States.

Fauci is going to take down himself and the Democrats before all is said and done.

Well, Fauci is a weasel. He can’t help but act like one:

Rand Paul’s “Fire Fauci” campaign seems pretty generous given the damage — much of it irrevocable — that Fauci has done in the last two years.