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'What bias?' Former Kamala Harris chief spox Symone D. Sanders lands not one, but *two* cushy MSNBC hosting gigs

Big exciting media news, guys! Former Bernie Sanders adviser and press surrogate and former Kamala Harris press secretary Symone D. Sanders just landed some prettay sweet MSNBC gigs:


She’s gonna be busy!

Oh, we have no doubt she will.

Who does NBC/MSNBC think they’re fooling with this? We’re genuinely curious.



Gross. But true.

Indeed. And:

You could set your watch by this stuff. It’s like there’s a direct pipeline from the Democratic White House to MSNBC and CNN.

She’ll certainly be in a much better position to spin on Kamala Harris’ behalf.

Plenty on the Right are willing to acknowledge that, generally speaking at least, Fox News leans Republican. Where’s the acknowledgment from the Left that MSNBC is nothing more than a Democratic mouthpiece?

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