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Sounds like Joe Biden may be tweaking his COVID strategy, which strongly suggests that 'the internal polling just must be a complete dumpster fire'

Not everything today has to be about January 6. There are plenty of other interesting things happening.

Like this, for example:


Well, well, well … how do you like that?


Why, to shut down the virus, of course! Silly goose.

We don’t expect Joe Biden or anyone in his administration to ever admit to lying about COVID (or about anything really). They’re just going to pull the same crap as self-righteous media firefighters and pretend that they’ve been straight with us all along.

Welcome to the science party, Joe Biden and pals.

Well, yeah.


Live by the poll, die by the poll. And Joe Biden and the Democrats are on life support.

The Biden administration is officially in DEFCON-5 Panic Mode.

And we’re here for it.


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