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Low-IQ AOC takes embarrassingly intellectually dishonest swipe at incoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams over 'low-skill workers'

Another day, another stupid AOC take. Seriously, she never seems to run out of them. She’s like the Energizer Bunny of hot takes.

Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a press conference yesterday:


AOC took one look at that, saw a golden opportunity, and decided to seize the hell out of it:

OK, so before we get into the substance (or lack thereof) of what she said, we need to point out something important:



So AOC either purposely left out the context of Adams’ remarks, or she wasn’t aware of what he’d actually said. Given her penchant for both lying and ignorance, we could see it being either or, or a combination of both.

Now, back to what she said:

That is just an amazing tweet. We’re genuinely impressed that AOC has managed to extract a six-figure salary out of the three brain cells that she’s playing with. Is that a skill? Surely that’s a skill, right?

She certainly makes it look that way.

That’s sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.


We know it. AOC clearly does not.

Fitting, seeing as AOC isn’t actually interested in helping anyone. Other than herself, of course.

And that’s ironic, as she does herself fewer and fewer favors every time she opens her mouth.



By the way:

We’re morbidly curious as well.

We can only speculate.

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