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SIREN: Politico sounds the alarm over Republicans across the country turning 'typically sleepy school board races into politicized, partisan elections'

Things are happening in school board races across the country, and Politico is on it:


This headline is really something:

“New front.” Because Republicans and conservative parents are deciding to speak up instead of just sit back and take public schools’ and teachers’ unions’ crap, now suddenly school board races are partisan. As if they weren’t partisan when Democrats were calling most of the shots.

More from Politico:

The latest attempts for making school board races partisan affairs come as education has been thrust into the spotlight amid the pandemic and the high profile victory of Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, who campaigned on a promise to give parents more say in their kids’ education. It also comes as other crucial battleground issues are bubbling up in education, including classroom lessons on history and race — a subject that has emerged as a boogeyman for GOP policymakers in numerous states who are condemning efforts to teach young people about the nation’s history of discrimination.

With all of these policies converging, there have been clear disconnects among state and local leaders, and even parents, over how to educate their children. Republicans are openly embracing parental rights as a key factor shaping policy in D.C. and many statehouses — seen in proposals to strengthen protections for parents against schools.

“There’s a major underestimation nationwide, even on the political side, that these parents are really frustrated,” said Bridget Ziegler, a Sarasota County school board member who is also the wife of the Florida GOP vice chair.


Frustrated parents are tired of being underestimated. And it seems fair to suggest that if these frustrated parents were liberal, Politico’s framing would be very different.


The Left is starting to lose their grip on schools and that scares the crap out of them. And Politico, it would seem.


Sorry … we’ll have to get back to you on that.

Republicans and conservatives aren’t going to sit this stuff out anymore. They’re ready to make the Dems take their medicine.

Whether Politico likes it or not.


Let’s do this.

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