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'Sciencing so hard': Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to us non-experts why 'the decision was made' to cut COVID isolation period in half [video]

You know, for such an old dude, Dr. Anthony Fauci is impressively flexible. Just look at how easily and effortlessly he can adjust his position:



Looks like Fauci and Rochelle Walensky have been comparing notes again!

Thank God. We need the right people making these decisions.

Are you suggesting that maybe the decision that was made wasn’t about the COVID science, Omri? What else could it possibly have been about?

Don’t you know that it’s always been about the science?

So hard.

The scientaciousness of it all!


Evidently Dr. Fauci didn’t feel like that was worth bringing up until now.

Maybe Dr. Fauci figured that if he didn’t mention it until now, we’d just assume that it was brand new information.

Science is fluid, man.

He’s doing what he can.


Society isn’t going to run itself.

And if Dr. Fauci is busy running society, he’s gonna need some help around the house:

He’s just trying to do his part.

Let’s all just be grateful to him.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.

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