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'Legend': Connecticut Dem Gov. Ned Lamont has an 'absolutely amazing answer' to question about possibly reinstating mask mandate

Let’s get one thing straight: cases numbers are not the best indicator of how poorly or how well a state is weathering COVID. With omicron and breakthrough cases, people are still contracting COVID, but those who have natural immunity or are vaccinated are generally contracting relatively mild cases.


That said, case numbers have been used by the Left to slime Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis. So what would DeSantis’ critics like to say about what’s happening in New York?

Based on case numbers, New York is in big trouble.

Clearly the mask mandate isn’t doing much — if anything at all — to curb the spread of COVID.

That’s pretty significant, and it’s something that’s not lost on Democratic Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont:


The man speaks the truth. And did we mention he’s a Democrat?

Polis was right.

And so is Lamont.

We need more Democratic governors to take their cues from Polis and Lamont.

Kids have been through the ringer. It’s long past time to do what’s best for them.


It’s true: there’s still a school masking mandate. Lamont’s office spoke in October of eliminating the mandate as more children get vaccinated, but the mandate is currently set to expire in February 2022.

Lamont’s certainly not perfect, but it sounds like he’s starting to get it. And we’ll give him props for that.

Let’s see if he extends his common sense to schoolchildren next.

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