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Righteously indignant Janice Dean zeroes in on why so many outlets are leaving crucial details out of end-of-year articles featuring Andrew Cuomo

With the end of the year comes end-of-the-year retrospectives.

Forbes did one on “the biggest career crashes of 2021,” and Andrew Cuomo gets a shout-out:


Andrew Cuomo definitely belongs on the list. Here’s what Forbes has to say about him:

He was the perfect pandemic-era leader, earning plaudits as a somber voice of reason and guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic as his counterparts in Washington, D.C. were downplaying the risks. But in August of this year, now former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned after the New York attorney general’s report concluded that Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women. Since then, he has been charged with forcible touching and inappropriate sexual advances, both of which he has denied. In his latest fall from grace, Cuomo has been ordered by the New York State ethics board to turn over millions of dollars in profits from his pandemic memoir.

These are all valid cases against Andrew Cuomo, but there’s something very important that Forbes left out. Thousands of somethings, actually. Or, rather, someones.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean is more than willing to fill in the gaps:


Forbes may not have felt that the blood on Andrew Cuomo’s hands was worth mentioning, but Dean is never going to let it be forgotten. And she’s never going to let media get away with pretending to forget about it.



Janice Dean is righteously indignant and we’re here for it.


Get some, Janice.

Enjoy it, lady. You’ve more than earned it.

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