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Once-respected Science magazine publishes letter encouraging scientists to ignore the science of biological sex

We never thought we’d see the day when Science magazine would turn out to be a misnomer. But here we are.

Science published a letter on December 23 from three people, one of whom goes by “Simón(e),” entitled “Transgender rights rely on inclusive language.”

The title of the letter lets you know pretty much exactly what you’re in for.

Two of the authors of the letter are affiliated with the Center for Applied Transgender Studies in Chicago. So it makes sense that they’d go to bat pretty hard for the idea that sex depends on context.

That doesn’t change the fact that they’re peddling anti-scientific nonsense. Here’s how the letter concludes:

As scientists, we must push back against the misappropriation of biological terms by promoting precise language that focuses on the variables themselves (e.g., “menstruating people”) and acknowledging that people express these variables in ways that may not conform with a binary system of sex or gender. This both creates a more inclusive environment for gender-diverse scientists and reinforces that sex is a context-dependent summary of a multidimensional variable space.

The irony of them playing the “as scientists” card right before encouraging language like “menstruating people” is not lost on us.

Excellent point.

“Science” is a term that is fast losing its meaning.


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