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MTV alumnus Chet Cannon busts Joy Reid for attempting to shame vaccine skeptics despite being one of 'the original anti-vaxxers' [screenshot]

Joy Reid sounded off yesterday in an attempt to shame people who aren’t liberals who haven’t yet gotten vaccinated against COVID:


Bless her heart. She thinks she’s clever.

She’s right up there. And the icing on the cake is that she says all these dumb things when she’s trying to paint conservatives as dumb.

And the cherry on top of the icing is that she doesn’t realize how terrible it makes her look.

Maybe next time she thinks about trying to own the Right, she should just look at this tweet from “The Real World: Brooklyn” and “The Challenge” alumnus Chet Cannon:

He busted her just last week for something similar:


Tough break, Joy.



Damn those time-traveling hackers! Why do they taunt her so?

In all honesty, Joy Reid does serve a valuable purpose: she’s the quintessential embodiment of left-wing Trust the Science™ hypocrisy.

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