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'And then everybody clapped': Blue-checked sociologist shares the sad story of her 7-year-old expressing fear of living 'a coronavirus life'

Jessica Calarco is a sociologist, and if you’d like to talk about her behind her back, she requests that you use the pronouns “she” and “her.”


She’s also a mother to two children, at least one of whom is apparently a pretty woke seven-year-old:


We genuinely feel sorry for Jessica’s seven-year-old (assuming she actually has a seven-year-old). We’re inclined to believe that this didn’t actually happen, but if it did, that kid’s in for a pretty rough childhood.

COVID is known to cause damage to some people’s bodies; parents like Jessica Calarco are making sure to take care of inflicting the emotional damage.

And some of that emotional damage can be inflicted by treating children like political tools instead of children. And if that requires making crap up, well, so be it.


No doubt.

Yeah, forgive us for greeting Calarco’s little anecdote with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Lord knows that the COVID pandemic has disrupted the lives of countless kids out there. But encouraging more fear and despair is not the way to help them.

See, that’s what good parenting looks like.

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