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Journos' obsession with COVID cases in Florida is just getting creepy now

Blue cities keep losing residents to Florida.


Something must be done, or people might start to think that something’s wrong with the way Democrats run things. Or that Ron DeSantis isn’t trying to kill as many people as possible.

Making a huge fuss over COVID cases in Florida! Maybe that’ll do the trick!

The Hill’s Hannah Trudo is giving it the old college try:

Well, let’s see. The omicron variant is highly contagious, so cases are up in a lot of places other than Florida. Also, how severe are those cases? Omicron is known to be milder than other variants, particularly in those who have natural immunity or have been vaccinated. Are cases really the best metric at this point?

Hey, when the most important thing is to crap on Ron DeSantis and Florida, you do what you need to do.


Here’s where Miami-Dade County’s numbers are at, by the way (red is the percentage of people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine; green is the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated):

Those vaccination rates would suggest that the COVID cases in Florida’s little surge are relatively mild. That seems pretty important, no?


It’s actually pretty creepy at this point.

And they really need to stop.

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