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'Your grandparents are canceled': WaPo reveals that the Greatest Generation held some problematic views that '[ran] counter to its wholesome image'

While you naïvely pay your respects to the so-called Greatest Generation, the Washington Post would like you to know just what kinds of people you’re thanking for winning World War II:


A Virginia Tech historian came across 65,000 pages of Army surveys in the National Archives in 2009 and has put them on a website. And — if you can believe it — some of the soldiers wrote some things that we would consider to be offensive now:

These harsh views, and others, from the segregated Army of World War II, emerge in a new project at Virginia Tech that presents the uncensored results of dozens of surveys the service administered to soldiers during the war.

Much of material is being placed on the Internet for the first time, and a lot of it runs counter to the wholesome image of the war’s “greatest generation.”

Where’d we leave our shocked faces? They’ve gotta be around here somewhere …


Look: racism is bad, full stop. But invoking it in order to minimize what the Greatest Generation did doesn’t seem like a productive use of time. While it may not be fun, it’s possible to separate their personal biases from their achievements.

Should the fact that they weren’t sufficiently woke negate all of that?

Maybe the guys who stormed the beaches on D-Day weren’t the original Antifa after all …


Guess it was bound to be their turn eventually.

Did anyone? Ever?

Leave them alone, FFS.

Parting evergreen tweet:

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