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'Nice for CNN's village idiot to finally catch up': Brian Stelter pretends that he hasn't been on the wrong side of COVID all this time [video]

Dave Chappelle, eat your heart out.

Because there’s no better comedian working today than CNN’s Brian Stelter:



And you’ve gotta love his jab at red states, suggesting that the dumb MAGA rubes who live there have no use for at-home COVID test kits because they’re not as scientific as the folks in New York City.

But what you’ve gotta love even more than that is his Very Serious Chin Stroking about how excessive anti-COVID measures like lockdowns have harmed our kids.

He’s gaslighting us. Like, this is textbook gaslighting.

Because Brian Stelter is discussing this as if he’s always been concerned. All that’s happened is that, like Randi Weingarten, he’s figured out that the balance has tipped toward angry parents.

And, like Randi Weingarten, he’s going to pretend his hands are spotless and that he’s been on the parents’ side all along.


How about Florida and Ron DeathSantis? CNN’s had it in for Ron DeSantis since day one, even though he’s demonstrated a far better understanding of COVID science than any of Brian Stelter’s reliable sources.

This is so awkward.


Bless Brian Stelter’s heart for attempting to mess with our memories. Maybe there’s someone out there it actually worked on.

No points at all.

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