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Rolling Stone forced to 'fess up to botching Donald Trump story, but not before Tommy Vietor and Peter Strzok fall headfirst for it [screenshots]

Rolling Stone rolled over another cliff today with a story on Donald Trump telling police to “bust some heads” of rioters in order to clear Lafayette Square for a photo-op.


Turns out, their initial story was a little too good to be true:

Dontcha hate it when that happens?

Clearly it’s not an impossible mistake to make, though, because not only did Rolling Stone make it, but so did Barack Obama van driver Tommy Vietor:

To be fair, Tommy, you tend to gravitate toward the egregiously, embarrassingly wrong. But kudos for ‘fessing up to it this time, at least.


Know who else is doing great? Peter Strzok, who, like Vietor, didn’t bother to bear in mind that when dealing with a Rolling Stone scoop it’s best to proceed with caution and a buttload of skepticism:



We feel so lost!

Unlike Tommy Vietor, Peter Strzok couldn’t even be bothered with a quarter-assed explanation for deleting his tweet.

And it’s extremely depressing.

Oh well. In any event, there’s still something valuable to take away from this:

Do better, Rolling Stone. Seriously. When you’ve set the bar as low as you guys have, doing better doesn’t take much effort.

Maybe Tommy and Peter should try that.

Fingers crossed!

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