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CNN's Don Lemon and Michael Smerconish don't think the poors' kids have any business getting higher-quality private-school educations [video]

Chris Cuomo’s CNN replacement Michael Smerconish impressed us recently with his willingness to, along with Bob Costas, call out the IOC and NBA for bending over for China.


All good things must come to an end, though, and as Smerconish is a smug, self-satisfied liberal (like his predecessor) and it was only a matter of time before he’d behave like one.

That’s what happened last night as he and CNN colleague Don Lemon discussed why poorer kids shouldn’t have access to the quality private-school educations that people like Don Lemon received and like Smerconish’s own children have received:

Isn’t that special?

It would be icky, is what it would be. Imagine your kids having to share their private schools with working-class ragamuffins!


How nice that they could afford to pay twice.

Fight for school choice? You’re asking a lot of Lemon and Smerconish. You know what fighting for school choice would mean, don’t you? Lemon and Smerconish shudder to think about it.


Let the poorer kids stay where they belong. They’re poor, so who cares if they don’t have access to a quality education? Not like they’re ever going to amount to anything anyway.


The mask didn’t just slip; it crashed to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

It’s just segregation, pure and simple. Racial and financial.

Sounds like he’s against anything that could let the dirty poor children anywhere near his own kids.


Just as long as they don’t have to shop anywhere he shops. Because that would be gross.

Because in Don Lemon and Michael Smerconish’s eyes, others aren’t as good as Don Lemon and Michael Smerconish.





Parting food for thought:

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