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Stephen Colbert confesses that he's 'not a legal expert,' but he knows that 'if [Kyle Rittenhouse] didn't break the law, we should change the law' [video]

We don’t know about you, but we really appreciate it when a liberal celebrity can break down important issues in a way that even we rubes can understand.

So thank you, Stephen Colbert, for eloquently summing up the lesson we should take away from the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict:


It’s interesting that Colbert didn’t end his train of thought at “I’m not a legal expert.” If he had, literally no intelligent person would have cause to question or disagree with him.

As it happens, quite a few people are taking issue with Colbert’s remarks. Apparently Colbert’s critics just don’t understand that even though Colbert admits to having no idea what he’s talking about, we’re all supposed to look to him for guidance.

Of course, we were being sarcastic earlier. But there are actually real people out there who really believe in what Stephen Colbert tells them. They believe he’s an honest broker of information, and a highly knowledgeable one at that.


It’s a nice idea, but would he ever admit to being wrong? He doesn’t seem like the type to own up to his own incompetence.

This … is what passes for late-night entertainment these days.

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