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Prof. Michael Eric Dyson likens Winsome Sears to a ventriloquist's dummy 'who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices' [video]

It’s been a while since liberals have been as angry at and terrified of a conservative as they are of Winsome Sears. Virginia’s next lieutenant governor has them simultaneously rending their garments and crapping their pants.


It’s fascinating to watch it all play out. And, as much as it sickens us to hear people spew racist bile, the pure racism on display over Sears has really helped to shine a light on the egregious intolerance in the Party of Tolerance.

Stanford poli sci assistant professor Hakeem Jefferson recently explained to his Twitter followers that Winsome Sears’ victory only proves that the GOP is racist. Not to be outdone, Michael Eric Dyson explained in a tirade to a bobbleheaded Joy Reid that Sears is effectively a ventriloquist’s dummy on the racist GOP’s lap:

This is a thing with Dyson:

Pssst … Joy and Michael … the racism is coming from inside the house.

At least Michael Scott’s intentions were good.


Dyson’s rant is nothing if not unabashedly, rabidly racist. But progressives aren’t going to launch any MSNBC boycott campaigns or take to the streets in protest of Dyson’s racism.

Sorry, can’t hear you over the deafening sounds of all those crickets.


If they do realize it, they don’t care. Every time they cry racism, they’re projecting.

Parting food for thought:

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