Winsome Sears’ victory in the Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial race would seem to be a pretty decisive rebuttal to the Left’s contention that the GOP has embraced racism and is using it as a weapon against the poor, put-upon Democratic Party.

She is a black female Marine veteran, after all. Not exactly a symbol of white Republican racism. At least we didn’t think so.

What we apparently failed to consider was that Winsome Sears is ackshually the perfect Republican tool. Hakeem Jefferson, an assistant professor in Stanford’s political science department who believes that “Race is the central organizing feature of American politics,” has really opened our eyes.

Let him open yours, too:

So, if white Republicans don’t vote for black candidates, it’s because of white racism. And if white Republicans vote for black candidates … it’s because of white racism.

Weird that Jefferson would limit his replies when his take is so brilliant, but he probably just got tired of all the tweets praising his flawless logic and intelligence.

Friggin’ white racist Republicans not understanding that all black people are supposed to think a certain way. So annoying.