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'No good deed goes unpunished': Glenn Greenwald has some thoughts after Chelsea Manning tells him 'im terrified of you and everything you do'

In case you missed it, Chelsea Manning (née Bradley Manning) has decided to wash her hands of onetime close ally Glenn Greenwald:


It’s cute that she expects us to believe that she has a conscience and gives a damn about principles. She’s Chelsea Manning, in case she forgot. She wouldn’t know conscience or principles if they punched her in the brain.

Anyway, Greenwald understandably has some thoughts about Manning’s change of heart:



Greenwald believes that his appearances on Tucker Carlson’s show have something to do with Manning’s anger toward him:

We actually wouldn’t be surprised if it were as simple as that.


Glenn Greenwald is definitely on the Left. But that doesn’t mean he can’t recognize leftist ugliness when he sees it.

We should all recognize it when we see it.

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