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MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin demands apologies and 'soul searching' from media who weren't freaking out enough about Roe v. Wade being 'gutted'

The liberal meltdown over Texas’ heartbeat law is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. So let’s check in with “The Last Word” senior producer Kyle Griffin, shall we?


Take it away, Kyle!

Sorry, Kyle. It’s hard to hear your cries of self-righteous indignation over the sounds of our laughter at your utter self-beclownment.

At least you’ve got Jonathan Capehart in your corner:

Clowns of a feather flock together.

Seriously, Kyle’s take is so mind-numbingly stupid.


It’s ridiculous.

This definitely wasn’t it.

We’ve been rolling our eyes at the media’s hyperbolic pro-abortion histrionics for years. For years.

Seethe in your hysterical, intellectually and morally dishonest outrage.


Kyle Griffin is right about one thing: members of the “news” media definitely need to do some soul-searching. Because they lost their way a long time ago.

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