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'Like from some dystopian sci-fi film': No one — not even children — is safe from Australia's anti-COVID19 iron fist [videos]

Australia has been a case study in what happens when fear is allowed to trump reason.

Yesterday, we told you about the New South Wales rural council shooting and killing homeless dogs, ostensibly to protect volunteers from COVID19.


Terrifyingly, that’s only scratching the surface of Australia’s authoritarian crackdown in the name of protecting its citizens.

It’s for Australians’ own good. Or something.

We’re starting to wonder if it was ever about health.


Good Lord.

Not just nuts, but straight-up insane.

What the hell?

And speaking of dystopian …

So much for thinking of the children.


Authoritarianism is what is happening.

Enough is enough.

Australia may be lost, but we have to make damn sure America’s not.

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