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'Your bias is showing': NYT, NPR sneer at 1st Amendment with BS spin on SCOTUS' decision about protecting charitable donors' identities

The Supreme Court ruled today that California charities do not have to report the names and addresses of top donors, as that violates the First Amendment:


Naturally, the New York Times covered it, pretty much as you’d expect them to:

See what they did there? Forbes did it, too:

“Conservative groups.”

It was also challenged by “conservative groups” like PETA, SPLC, and the NAACP:



Guess the New York Times and Forbes don’t agree.

Not to be outdone, here’s NPR’s take on the decision:

“Siding with rich donors.”

“The rich” do have reasons to be concerned. But so does everyone else.

Seriously, what’s wrong with donors wanting anonymity?



Maybe NPR should put their money where their mouth is and disclose all of their rich donors.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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