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Concerned anti-racist white lady needs Slate's help deciding if her daughter can wear a kimono given to her by her Japanese-American godfather

You know, guys, we’re starting to think this wokeness thing might be getting out of hand.

Over to you, Slate parenting advice column:


Here’s the letter, in case you’d like to read it:

The gist of the response is basically that concerned anti-racist white mom is right to be concerned about offending a Japanese-American person by letting her daughter wear a kimono gifted to her by said Japanese-American person, but that she can still let her daughter wear the kimono at home and also teach her about the dangers of cultural appropriation.

So, we’re really doing this, huh?

What a great way to put it.

He’s not offended; he’s amused.


No, we read the answer. And it’s still dumb, because it should’ve consisted solely of information on how to find a good therapist. But, to be fair, the answer was not nearly as dumb as the question it was responding to.


Those Japanese-American godfathers can be so sneaky!



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