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CNN hall monitor Oliver Darcy will not sit there silently while the NYT accepts ad money from 'dangerous disinformation' peddlers Fox News

Between the two of them, CNN Blundertwins Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy have the Fox News beat completely covered. We swear those guys watch more Fox News than anyone.


So you’d think they wouldn’t be so quick to flip out that Fox News has a media presence. And yet, here’s Oliver Darcy, complaining about the New York Times letting Fox News advertise in their fine publication:

Oliver’s really upset about this:

Seriously, he’s pissed:

Darcy expanded on the argument in Reliable Sources latest CNN newsletter, noting the ad on the New York Times homepage. Dacry questioned why the Times would allow this, writing “Fox profits off of dangerous disinformation, such as the Big Lie and undermining public trust in vaccines,” and “[the Times’] own reporters have done an excellent job documenting this.”

“Taking Fox’s advertising dollars — and lending one’s platform to the company so that it can present a sanitized version of what it does to readers — is tantamount to accepting money from a company that earned the cash by peddling lies to millions,” Darcy continues. “Is that something a legitimate news org should be doing?”

What would Oliver Darcy know about a legitimate news org? He works for CNN. Come on, man.


In a word: no.

There’s gotta be a better use for his time, right? Like, one would think he’d get tired of this after a while.

Because CNN is Real Journalism, Mr. President.

The grieving process is an ongoing one for CNN.

To be sure, if we worked for CNN like Oliver Darcy, we’d be grieving, too. Lord knows they’ve got plenty of stuff to cry over.

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